Bill Murray’s Kid Is in the Sweet Sixteen

The University of Connecticut Huskies and assistant coach Luke Murray look to make a title run, sans Bugs Bunny
Bill Murray’s Kid Is in the Sweet Sixteen

Film and TV legend Bill Murray’s aspirations of basketball glory never rose past their peak of his zero points, zero rebounds and one assist stat line in the Tune Squad’s come-from-behind victory versus the Monstars, as seen in the lauded sports documentary Space Jam. Thankfully, Murray’s son Luke must have gotten his basketball genes from his mom’s side.

Unlike his father, Luke Murray’s basketball dreams are alive and well — Murray currently serves as an assistant coach on the University of Connecticut Huskies men’s basketball team, who will face off against the Arkansas Razorbacks this Thursday in the March Madness Sweet Sixteen as they continue their national title chase. Murray, 38, spent 14 years working his way up in different collegiate programs, including a stint as the Louisville Cardinals’ recruiting coordinator, before beginning his work in Connecticut that has helped the Huskies reach the Sweet Sixteen for the 19th time in the team’s history.

Last weekend, the older Murray was seen emphatically cheering on his son and the Huskies in their first two blowout wins of the tournament. The Saturday Night Live legend was caught on camera cackling at UConn’s dominating performance while wearing a dressed-down getup, presumably to keep a low profile — or, alternatively, to hide his Huskies jersey and shorts, just in case they need some assistance.

If the Huskies do manage to make a title run, theyll face some stiff competition, as the road to March Madness goes through some of the best basketball teams on the planet. However, the younger Murray would do well not to learn from his fathers basketball success — were pretty sure the NCAA tests for “secret stuff.”

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