'Space Jam' Mashups Have Taken Up Their Own Bizarre Corner Of The Internet

'Space Jam' Mashups Have Taken Up Their Own Bizarre Corner Of The Internet

It's been a minute, so not everyone who grew up in the '90s may remember the theme song from the 1996 Michael Jordan Space Jam movie that also featured Bill Murray in basketball shorts. Or maybe you've just blocked the whole thing out. If so, Bill Murray in basketball shorts judges you. 

Warner Bros.

For shame.

But you know who hasn't forgotten Quad City DJ's song about coming on and slamming? A group of hardcore online fans who've dedicated their time, skills, and energy to make every Space Jam mashup imaginable. Before we get into these feats of audio (and visual) delights/horror, here's a reminder of what the original theme song sounds like:

Pretty slammin’. Now bathe in the bizarreness of fans who decided this song simply has to go with Queen …

... Third Eye Blind …

… Cher …

… Daft Punk …

… and even freaking Hamilton.

The deeper you go down this rabbit hole of mashups and questionable Photoshops, the more you realize that many of these videos have Charles Barkley's face plastered all over them. It turns out there are many Space Jam fans in this world who would’ve preferred Barkley to Jordan in a movie featuring cartoon ducks. To deal with their utmost disappointment at seeing their beloved Barkley reduced to Pound the orange Monstar, it seems they might be dealing with their baggage by taking it out on the musicians whose songs they're using to create these self-titled “Slams.” Sorry, scratch that, because even He-Man and Mario weren't spared.


Well, that’s not right.

The first-ever mashup called “Savage Slam” hit the internet in 2005 on a forum dedicated to memes and general online oddities. Then in 2008, a game was released called Barkley Shut Up and Jam: Gaiden, and the theme song of the game was none other than “Savage Slam.” From there, the whole thing spawned a niche life of its own. Or … a bittersweet life of its own? We’re confused, and our brains hurt.

With the release of Space Jam: A New Legacy upon us, the Slam Fans are gearing up to show the world what glorious albeit utterly ridiculous Photoshop tunes they've created. Welcome to the world of Slam Jams. Exits are to your right.

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