Megan Mullally Wants 10 Percent of Nick Offerman’s ‘Last of Us’ Check

She acted as her husband’s agent when she convinced him to take the tear-jerking role
Megan Mullally Wants 10 Percent of Nick Offerman’s ‘Last of Us’ Check

Usually when a married man runs off to have an epic, endearing twenty-year romance with another man, most spouses come for a bit more than ten percent of his cash.

Ahead of tomorrow’s premiere of the eagerly anticipated Party Down Season Three, returning star Megan Mullally spoke to The Hollywood Reporter about her and her husband Nick Offerman’s recent television success. Offerman’s one-episode arc in HBO’s The Last of Us was one of the most talked-about tear-jerking episodes of TV in recent memory, but, as Offerman admitted and Mullally proudly proclaimed, he nearly turned down the role of Bill, a paranoid doomsday prepper who finds love at the end of the world, before his wife set him “straight.”

Mullally convinced her husband to take the part that has already generated awards buzz for the Parks and Recreation star – now she’s waiting for her cut.

“His schedule was really packed, and he loved the script, but he was just so busy,” Mullally said of her husband’s reluctance to take the role that would make millions of viewers ugly-cry at the unexpected zombie show romance. “And I was like, ‘Well let me read it,’ and I was like, ‘You’re doing it.’ So then he did.”

Said the Party Down star, “So many people have gotten in touch with him to tell him how great he is, so it’s just kind of crazy.”  As Mullally anticipated, Offerman’s performance was an astounding success, prompting praise from the unlikeliest of places. Mullally continued, “Even my cousin, who is in her 70s and lives in Tulsa, was like, ‘Episode three was magnificent!’ She didn’t say the name of the show. This is my cousin in Tulsa, so I just started calling him ‘Episode Three.'”

“I started calling him ‘Episode Three’ around the house,” Mullally joked of her husband’s new nickname. But the Last of Us performance didn’t just earn Offerman a new title – it also made him an undisclosed chunk of change, and his wife is still waiting on her commission for convincing him to sign the contract. “I mean hello, where’s my 10 percent?” quipped Mullally.

If Offerman is anything like the characters he played on The Last of Us or Parks and Recreation, Mullally’s going to need a map, a shovel, and a safe-cracker to collect her fee. 

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