Kate Hudson Declares Dane Cook 'Canceled' Years After Their Infamous Kiss

Kate Hudson Declares Dane Cook 'Canceled' Years After Their Infamous Kiss

We don’t know which is more surprising – that Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery star Kate Hudson would bluntly call out an old co-star during a promotional fluff piece, or that there was once a time when Dane Cook kissed age-appropriate women.

Last week, Hudson and her Glass Onion co-star Janelle Monáe appeared in a Variety video in which the two were asked to take lie detector tests and answer questions about their careers and their co-stars, past and present. Hudson, a veteran of the rom-com genre, settled various debates about the previously popular film style, including a confirmation that Billy Crudup is, in fact, a better kisser than Matthew McConaughey. But the bombshell of her polygraph session was her reaction to being shown a picture of stand-up star and her My Best Friend’s Girl castmate Cook, at which she grimaced and declared MySpace’s favorite comic “canceled.” 

As it turns out, this is a beef that’s been slow-cooked for almost a decade – and Hudson just turned up the heat.

As far as we can tell, Cook fired the first shot at Hudson back in 2014, over six years after they played each others' love interests in the decidedly unimpressive film My Best Friend’s Girl. The maligned movie also starred American Pie’s Jason Biggs as the best friend whose girl (Hudson) is stolen by Cook. Upon release, My Best Friend's Girl was critically panned despite a mildly successful box office return, and Hudson was nominated for a Razzie Award for Worst Actress.

Then, in 2014, long after the dust had settled on what was likely a low point in Hudson’s film career and the beginning of the end of Cook’s, the record-breaking standup appeared on Watch What Happens Live and told host Andy Cohen that Hudson was by far his worst on-screen kiss. Furthermore, Cook accused Hudson of eating “a feast of onions” before the smooch. Hudson made no comment at the time – she simply waited and watched.

To Cook’s credit, he did backtrack on his comments about Hudson this past October, when he appeared on the Steve-O’s Wild Ride! podcast and spoke pleasant platitudes about his onion-mouthed former castmate. Cook claimed that he and Hudson were “pals,” though they hadn’t spoken in quite some time.

Last week, Hudson finally had her clap-back moment when asked to rank Cook among the many leading men the star had smooched during the heyday of the rom-com genre – Hudson’s face when shown Cook's picture says everything that words could not, which is why her simple remark of “Ugh, no. Canceled,” was enough for Variety. Hudson has kept a low profile about her misgivings, but it feels poetic that she roasted the man who accused her of onion breath during a kiss almost fifteen years ago when ranking her own favorite make-out partners – for the record, Hudson says her Dr. T & The Women co-star Liv Tyler is her top pick.

The Glass Onion star likes Cook the way she likes her onions – grilled.

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