Kenan Thompson Spills Tea On Why Pete Davidson's So Popular With The Ladies, Besides His BDE

It has been zero days since someone from 'SNL' has reminded us of Pete's prodigious package.
Kenan Thompson Spills Tea On Why Pete Davidson's So Popular With The Ladies, Besides His BDE

It has officially been 0 days since a past-or-present Saturday Night Live cast member reminded us all that Pete Davidson has a huge schlong.

Yesterday, Kenan Thompson spoke to E! News about his hosting gig at tonight’s People’s Choice Awards, but the conversation couldn’t stay off of Pete Davidson and his dating life for long. When asked about his former colleague’s famously fortunate love life, SNL’s longest-tenured cast member said that, besides “the one obvious thing,” Davidson truly is a soft, sensitive guy with nothing but good intentions.

Add “obvious” to the list of words used to describe Davidson’s crotch.

“He’s a sweet young man, you know what I mean? He’s very kind, endearing – he loves his mom, his sister, and you know, has hyper admiration of his father,” said Thompson of Davidson, whose father was a firefighter who died on 9/11. This corroborates the common reports that it’s not just Pete’s ginormous junk that’s attracted the likes of Emily Ratajkowski, Kim Kardashian, and Ariana Grande – it takes more than a prodigious package to attract that many beautiful women.

Thompson called Davidson “a good hearted person,” and noted that the Staten Island comic “(had) grown up rough because of the streets of New York or whatever, but, inside, I don't think he's out to harm a piece of cotton,” adding, “he’s just a good kid.” 

Despite what angry internet commenters have said about the comic whose popular appearances on SNL and in the bedrooms of gorgeous celebrities have made him a cultural icon, Davidson seems to be, for all intents and purposes, a good hang. It must be a good sign for his character that the only people who dislike Davidson are people who have never met him and Kanye West. It’s not the worst thing to be hated by someone who only seems to love themselves and Adolf Hitler.

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