Save on Microsoft Office and Six Top-Rated Programs for $60 This Cyber Monday

Get a lifetime subscription to Microsoft Office, Ivacy VPN and more for 98% off.
Save on Microsoft Office and Six Top-Rated Programs for $60 This Cyber Monday

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If a carpenter is only as good as her tools and your career involves plinking away at the information box all day, then you're probably only as good as your computer. And, really, your computer is only as good as the apps you have on it. If your app game is weak, now is a great time to stock up, because whether you're a Windows or a Mac person, you can grab our best app bundle of the year on sale. Our Premium Limited Edition Bundles are loaded with a host of top-rated and best-selling apps to help you work smarter, safer, and all-around better. Here are the highlights:

Microsoft Office 2021 Professional

We have a feeling you've heard of this one. Maybe you even used it in elementary school. In both Windows and Mac editions, you'll get a lifetime license to Microsoft Office 2021 Professional, the world's most ubiquitous office suite that will help you make quick work of just about any project. Mac users will get Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, Teams, and OneNote. Windows users get all that, plus Publisher and Access.

Ivacy VPN

Everybody needs to invest in cybersecurity these days, so why not get a lifetime subscription to the winner of the 2019 Fastest VPN Award? This top-rated security solution lets you connect to more than 1,000 high-speed servers worldwide for anonymous file sharing, browsing, and much more. Plus, there's a strict zero-logging policy, so your activity remains anonymous even from Ivacy.

SplashID Pro

Always forgetting passwords? Still writing important information in the Notes app on your phone? Stop. SplashID Pro is a super-secure vault that remembers all of your passwords, PIN numbers, social security numbers, alternate passports, and whatever other stuff you need to organize your second and third lives. Everything is easily managed in a digital vault that makes it easier to log in safely to all of your accounts.

VideoCom Pro

In the world of remote work, we're all doing a lot more communicating through video these days, which makes it kind of hard when you have to explain something complicated to your coworkers and end up doing some kind of interpretive dance because you can’t just project your presentation. Except you can, with VideoCom Pro, which gives you intuitive tools to make it easier than ever to explain and express complex information. It gives you all of the templates, tools, and more you need to build video presentations.

Sound good? Of course, it does. Right now, you can get The Premium Limited Edition Mac Bundle or The Premium Limited Edition Windows Bundle on sale for 95% off at just $59.99.

Prices subject to change.

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