‘Seinfeld’ Scenes Reimagined As Surrealist Paintings

‘Seinfeld’ Scenes Reimagined As Surrealist Paintings

Salvador Dalí passed away on January 23, 1989, less than six months before the series premiere of Seinfeld. Since the Spanish surrealist never got the chance to re-envision the legendary sitcom through his paintings, digital artist John Coen has taken up the title of “Surrealfeld” and delivered to the art world the works that fate robbed them of when it took the life of Dalí before he had the chance to witness Larry David and Jerry Seinfeld’s master work.

Surrealfeld is one of the most unique, ambitious, and expertly executed fan art projects that we have ever seen. Coen, a devoted Seinfeld superfan, has been using A.I. to create two pieces of surreal Seinfeld art every day for almost three months now. These works draw inspiration from the masters of the genre, emulating Dalí, René Magritte and Frida Kahlo in inspired fever dreams that show Jerry, George, Elaine and Kramer in lights that only the most courageous of minds, both living and artificial, could imagine.

Coens works are both striking and evocative as he weaves sitcom plotlines with surrealist aesthetics, bringing out undertones that live in the Seinfeld fan's subconscious.

The mind-melting beauty of Surrealfeld captures the panic and minutia of the characters lives while distorting our perception of the boundaries between fact and fiction.

The empathetic, evocative work of Surrealfeld demands both the emotional and intellectual attention from the viewer. Absorbing Coen's art is a joyous and perilous venture, and its one that not every artistic mind is prepared to take. Only those Seinfeld fans who are truly committed to exploring the vast, nuanced array of the human unconscious should attempt to explore the unnerving superreality of Surrealfeld. But for those who are brave enough to dive into Coen's world, take comfort in knowing that affordable Surrealfeld merch will be at your fingertips.

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