‘Let’s Go Brandon’ with Puppets? Jeff Dunham’s New Special Skews Presidential

Jeff Dunham’s politically pointed ‘Me the People’ premieres on Black Friday.
‘Let’s Go Brandon’ with Puppets? Jeff Dunham’s New Special Skews Presidential

World record-breaking comedian and ventriloquist Jeff Dunham is returning to Comedy Central for his 11th full-length special, titled Me The People, which is set to premiere this Black Friday, November 25th. The log line for the special reads, “Dunham tackles how much time we dedicate to our devices, the ridiculous things we spend money on and cancel culture in comedy,” as if the world’s most politically incorrect puppet master was playing Boomer Humor Bingo while compiling the show.

With the contentious midterm elections looming, Dunham revealed a sneak peek of the kind of timely and topical humor your angry uncle can expect to see when he kicks his feet up on the La-Z-Boy and turns on Me The People three weeks from today — most notably, Dunham’s curmudgeonly character Walter has been given a presidential makeover.

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Wonder what he'll have to say about Jill's cooking

It’s no surprise that Dunham's newest special has taken aim at Joe Biden, seeing as his target demographic has skewed conservative since Achmed the Dead Terrorist was singing “Jingle Bombs” back in 2009. Frankly, it’s surprising that Dunham didn’t bring back his Biden puppet sooner — he previously released a short 2020 election video featuring Walter as both Donald Trump and Biden in a debate mediated by Achmed. Dunham’s last project, Jeff Dunham's Completely Unrehearsed Last-Minute Pandemic Holiday Special, was more playful than political, but all signs point to Me the People being Dunham’s most politically charged work to date.

Me the People was shot at the Warner Theatre in Washington, D.C., in front of a set made to look like the Oval Office. A Biden-cosplaying Walter with aviator shades and his signature grimace will no doubt spit some hot takes about our geriatric commander-in-chief, and, frankly, it might be time to hear a fresh Biden impression — with the exception of James Austin Johnson, there aren’t that many solid Biden impersonations floating around. Maybe it’s time to give a puppet a chance to do a presidential caricature.

Also joining Dunham on Me the People will be his new character, Url, a beanie-wearing, AirPod-donning, tech-obsessed airhead amalgam of all the bad habits that Fox News has attributed to Millennials and Gen Z. In fairness, in the context of Dunham’s stereotypical characters, this one is completely harmless when you put him up against, uh, “Sweet Daddy Dee.”

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