Motivosity’s Employee Engagement Features Can Help You Build a Business Dynasty

Motivosity’s Employee Engagement Features Can Help You Build a Business Dynasty

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The San Francisco 49ers became the cream of the NFL crop in the 1980s. Sure, having Hall of Fame talents like Bill Walsh, Joe Montana, and Jerry Rice helped, but if you ask any player of that era about how the 49ers created their championship dynasty, they’ll tell you it started with one of the most generous owners in sports: Eddie DeBartolo. 

He made sure his players had the best, from a five-star locker room, immaculate training facilities, and first-class travel all the way to lavish gifts for every birthday, graduation, and major event in every one of his players’ lives. On his way to five Super Bowl victories, Eddie D. learned an important lesson: Happy employees lead to greater success. 

Motivosity is a modern employee engagement software platform that offers a path to help organizations reach that level of employee satisfaction. It aims to create stronger bonds between businesses and workers by fostering smart, respectful, and transparent communication. While Motivosity takes a four-pronged approach to improve that relationship, its goal is very straightforward: to help each business build a respect-based work culture that makes employees want to engage and participate. 

Connect is Motivosity’s answer to a company-specific social media network. Workers create profiles that showcase their unique personalities, from interests and hobbies to special life experiences. Moreover, the platform’s built-in communication tools help coworkers engage with each other around their collective interests, maybe from a shared alma mater or just talking about a favorite TV show. It’s your digital water cooler, because let’s face it, those things are a pain to change out.

In the Recognize prong, the hard work of fellow employees is rewarded. Users can call out when a coworker deserves praise for an achievement or just a stellar office attitude. Remember Elle Woods’s famous snap cup? It’s even better than that, because workers can also contribute a few dollars to special rewards for that colleague, including gift cards to places like Amazon, Walmart, eBay, and more. Snaps are nice, but toys are better.

The Lead tool allows managers to step up and become true leaders. Its features help to coordinate regular one-on-one sessions with each employee, and through shared notes and other materials, a manager and their team can agree on work objectives while charting clear progress toward those goals.

And Listen opens deeper communication from a workforce to its leadership. Through surveys and other reports, employees can offer constructive, anonymous impressions of a company’s direction instead of ineffectively complaining at happy hour, and business managers can see a company’s workflow and culture from the grassroots level.

Motivosity even has the numbers to show its approach can pay off. It found about 95 percent of employees will engage with the Motivosity program, helping to boost employee satisfaction scores by over 50 percent. In addition, from the management side, Motivosity requires no startup costs, and implementation is easy. Best of all, right now, companies can get a Motivosity demo to get a feel for the platform and see how the Motivosity approach can bring their organization to even greater heights.

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