Judy Tenuta has died at the age of 72. Her acerbic wit and acerbic accordion playing will continue to reverberate across space and time, but we'd like to remember her here now with a selection of her Tenuta-ist best jokes for our Hall of Fame.

WARNING: A joke on this list references suicide.

Emo Remembers

Because it's Judy Tenuta we're talking about here right out of the gate we're going to zig just when you thought we'd zag and offer up fellow 80's weirdo and weirdo voice icon Emo Phillips' favorite Tenuta story.

On Attending Her Friend's Wedding

“One day she called me – you remember – she called me and she said, ”Judy! Judy! Are you comin' to my wedding? And I said, “Oh, yeah right! You know, like I have time to buy her a blender just ‘cause some pipefitter is poachin her eggs. Yeah, just ’cause some busboy from Meals On Wheels found her F-stop. I have better things to do like stay in bed and complain.”

Ending Her Act

“Thank-you so much! You people mean nothing to me.”

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