The 'Dead Space Remake' Looks Gorgeously Horrendous

It's not every day that we're positively surprised by an EA game that looks disgusting.
The 'Dead Space Remake' Looks Gorgeously Horrendous

EA announced that they were remaking the sci-fi horror classic Dead Space back in 2021, and the first thought popping up in everyone's minds was "Why? The original Dead Space still looks and plays great", followed by "well, ok, we really do need more Dead Space". So yeah, even though this remake is definitely not necessary at all, people are hyped and rightfully so because we just got a beautiful first look at the game.

And it seems as if this won't be just another remake.

The lighting and shadows will be much improved, courtesy of the Frostbyte engine, but that's not all.

The people behind the new Dead Space promise it won't be just a remake, but something better than the original game ever was. The team promises they have improved upon the story and added crucial gameplay elements that they weren't able to implement the first time around. We could end up with a similar situation to what we've seen with the gloriously divisive Final Fantasy VII Remake.

Development of the new Dead Space is being held at Motive studios, the same star-studded studio behind the upcoming single-player and microtransaction-free Iron Man video game. That's great, but in hindsight, two good things coming from EA at the same time is a notion way scarier than anything Dead Space can come up with.

EA Motive

Yes, anything.

Best of all is how anyone not interested in paying to revive the not-too-distant past needn't worry about resources getting wasted on nothing. The anti-remake crowd can instead look for The Calisto Protocol, another seemingly-kickass game in the vein of Dead Space made by some of its original creators.

Top Image: EA

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