EA Is Making A Single-Player 'Iron Man' Game (And It Could Be Good)

We might finally be getting a damn good Iron Man game
EA Is Making A Single-Player 'Iron Man' Game (And It Could Be Good)

We have previously joked about Marvel's hilarious ineptitude when it comes to trying to cash in all of that free Iron Man and even Avengers video game money. How come games such as Spider-Man and Marvel's Guardians Of The Galaxy manage to do so well when games based on the most popular superheroes (of the past decade, at least) have failed so hard? Well because Disney has so far been unaware that making a game that's fun will prove more profitable than making a game that's shaped like a monster that eats coins to survive. EA should have learned that lesson – considering how long they have been studying it – and so they have just confidently announced that their own Motive Studio is making a new Iron Man game.

Still from the upcoming Dead Space remake


Relax, that's not a screenshot of an upcoming gritty Iron Man reimagining. That's a screenshot of the neat-looking Dead Space Remake that Motive is working on.

On a normal day, this would be the moment when we started bringing up caveats as if this is one of those deadly traps that cause people to experience a nice high before it causes their hearts to burst, but nope, this actually seems neat. They got Olivier Proulx, one of the minds behind the awesome Marvel's Guardians Of The Galaxy to work as executive producer, the kind of producer we assume can legitimately execute anyone trying to bring wacky monetization strategies on board. That's great, but there's much more. The rest of the still-growing development team is also all top talent, and, most important of all, they're committed to the creation of a single-player experience with no bells and whistles attached. This is shaping up to be one of those rare EA titles that's not the video game version of that weird cube from the Hellraiser series that tortures the people attempting to play it.

Motive still hasn't revealed any footage – which is actually way more badass than just showing the gameplay-less CGI movie that has become the norm for these things. Anyone Interested in speeding up the development of Iron Man can straight-up attempt to get hired by Motive to help make the game right here. We promise they offer better working conditions than a box of scraps in a cave.

Top Image: Disney

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