Iron Man's Cancelled Game Looked Great (But Disney Ruined It)

The surefire hit had the developers of the Just Cause series behind it, no less.
Iron Man's Cancelled Game Looked Great (But Disney Ruined It)

The original Iron Man movie from 2008 immediately proved such a smash hit that many of us hoped we'd gotten a better crappy cash grab video-game tie-in. Like, the world is full of crappy movie-tied video games that would never in a million years work as a game, so why would Disney fail so hard when adapting a character that's every gamer's wet dream? It turns out that Disney actually had a team working on an Iron Man game that sounded great, but they just ended up bullying the development team into cancelation.

We just learned that in 2012, Avalanche, the people behind Just Cause, had been working on an Iron Man game for over two years. That's a perfect pick because just like the MCU, the Just Cause series is known for its outrageously good action and weird politics. The game ended up nowhere because, as the developer puts it, "Disney's demands would've broken the company". It's yet another case of a Disney-adjacent game being thrown into the gutter because Disney execs just can't let game makers make games. Our readers who have the time and patience can check out the full interview right below, and those who don't can check out our summation below-er.

Avalanche then went on to make more successful Just Cause games, and also the Mad Max video game, which totally slaps. And what did we get? Well, the closer we ever got to an Iron man game is the embarrassingly slow Iron Man segments in the crappy microtransaction hell that's the Marvel's Avengers game. So, to try to put it into perspective, this is what we could have had:

Iron man performing an ultra-cool stunt.

Disney, Avalanche

Avalanche built this in an office, with a box of dumb demands from Disney.

And at what we ended up getting:

Iron Man in Marvel's Avengers is impossibly slow and boring

Disney, Crystal Dynamics

That's a whopping 22 mph, not even enough to break the speed limit.

Yeah, really. Someone did the math:

Well, good thing that's the only problem of the Marvel's Avengers game we ended up getting – so long as we ignore all the others. Disney has recently announced their upcoming games showcase and man…

…we can barely wait to learn of all the projects Disney will botch next!

Top Image: Disney

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