When 'Elden Ring' Creepypasta Became Real

Hats off to the Elden Ring modding community for bringing us even more Elden nightmares.
When 'Elden Ring' Creepypasta Became Real

Let's be real, Elden Ring is a pretty scary game even before players venture into its sewers that seem to go all the way down to the earth's core (yes, that's real). There's just something inherently horrifying about a game where pretty much anything can kill players who don't practice extreme care. Still, we just have to bow down before the game's amazing community who have gone out of their way to turn one of the game's fake creepy stories (creepypastas) into the real deal.

Have you ever heard of Saint's Descent? No, shame. It's an eerie place many players have totally come across in the game, a place nobody still knows anything about. It's a sort of crypt where players will find a long flight of stairs that'll take them to a hole, a hole that allows them to descend further…

Going down a hole


They'll keep on descending until they enter a large room occupied only by a giant statue of an old man. Upon coming closer to this man, the game will tell players they're not supposed to be there, teleport them out, and never let them in again.

finding the mysterious statue


Has this ever happened to you? If it has, then that means you're the player who made it because this eerily credible segment isn't actually part of the game, but rather a mod someone made to creep others out.

Stories like these are just one of many incredible ways the community is making sure the Elden Ring experience goes beyond being just a game. The veracity of these tales doesn't even matter, because what's at play here is the chance to get new experiences out of a game once thought “conquered” by players. Anyone who liked this tiny tale should follow Kotaku's advice and check out Youtuber King bore's playlist for some of the best Halloween content they'll find this year. Like, have you ever wondered what's below the Great Hollow in the original Dark Souls?

Now you probably wish you haven't.

a fake obelisk that denies the player's existence

From Software, King Bore

Top Image: FromSoftware

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