John Early Is Figuring Out How to Be Sincere

As the star of the sharp new indie ‘Stress Positions,’ the irreverent comic works in a more serious vein. He tells Cracked why he’s getting comfortable with being earnest — even if he’s scared everyone will think he’s pretentious

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'Age Of Empires 2' For The Nintendo DS Could Self-Destruct

'Age Of Empires 2' For The Nintendo DS Could Self-Destruct

The first thought in the heads of a lot of people is “what the hell, Age Of Empires 2 came out for the DS?!”. It did, and it was actually pretty decent – so long as players didn't come across this absolutely lethal glitch.

further and necessary proof that the game really does exist.

What's cool about this version is that they didn't try to recklessly transplant the PC version to the Nintendo handheld, opting instead for a turn-based approach like the one we see in very popular Nintendo games like Advance Wars. What's not so cool is how this version featured a very easy-to-trigger bug that completely bricked the game. How to trigger it? Well, simply by being lazy when naming your save files. Any save file that wasn't at least 4-words-long would cause the game's cartridge to turn into a tiny brick. Players usually tend to be aware that they've found a glitch as soon as they experience it, but this was a sneaky one. They'd save, turn off the game and then find out the game was no more when turning the console back on, then storm gaming forums wondering what the hell had happened.

How did the developers fix this problem? Well, "fix" is a very strong word for what they ended up doing, as instead of changing the game's code they just changed the package by adding a warning that encourages players to type in their whole name when saving.

We can't even begin to imagine how many arcade players must have fallen to this glitch.

Top Image: Microsoft

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