Community: Dean Pelton's Costumes, Power Ranked

Which Dean outfit should you wear to the Community movie premiere?
Community: Dean Pelton's Costumes, Power Ranked

To celebrate the fact that Dan Harmon confirmed that the wheels for the Community movie are now in motion (even if it takes a few years to get here), we’d like to celebrate by ranking the best costumes from The Dean. Perhaps start recreating one of them now so you can wear it to the movie premiere in six years.

Mozart Dean

Dean Pelton Mozart


“Guys, Greendale’s music department is flat Baroque. So we are having a fundraiser!” The costume gets extra points for replacing a shirt with a frilly bow.

Serious Dean

Goatees mean serious business, at least that’s what The Dean thinks. Dean sports this look after realizing there are far too many shenanigans in the school. This look calls for clear-headed thinking, like using “experimental monkey gas” to get Annie’s boobs out of the ventilation system.

Blind Justice

Dean Pelton Blind Justice


Dean Pelton’s costume change during the trial of Shirley’s Sandwiches showed us a brief glimpse of ‘Blind Justice’ before Craig realized you should not walk around a courtroom blindly right after getting a new tattoo.

Non-Denominational Mister Winter

Greendale is an inclusive school so there’s no Santa Claus or Hanukah Harry, just Non-Denominational Mister Winter!

Cat Dean

Dean Pelton Cat Woman


“Dean-rowrrr! It’s Feline AIDS Awareness Day folks so let’s whip it in the kiester!” Goodbye, Zoe Kravitz, hello, The Dean. 

Dean’s Sister’s Uncle Sam Costume

Dean Pelton Uncle Sam


Before Dean Pelton was more confident in his costume obsession he was still saying he was just borrowing it from his sister. No matter what the truth may be, we all know Dean Pelton turned Uncle Sam into Daddy Sam.

Dean-a Turner

Dean Pelton Tina Turner


“What’s Dean got to do with it? Why it’s time to Tina Turner your clocks ahead. Happy daylight savings!”

The Deanvil

Dean Pelton Devil


The incarnation of The Dean appears in Shirley’s homemade horror story centered around all of her study group dying in the Apocalypse. This look says “I’m The Devil, but I like to have fun.” which is always how I’ve preferred to think of The Devil.

Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga Dean


Lady Gaga Dean would’ve been one of the last things the study group saw before they died in a zombie mauling Halloween incident. This was an early look as to just how feminine The Dean could get for the right occasion.

Can Can Dean

Dean Pelton Can Can Canceled


“Unfortunately due to the whole Starburns meth lab explosion professor Kane has resigned and your biology class has been can-can-canceled!”

Carnival Dean

Dean Pelton Carnival


“Dean-a-ling-a-ling! I was just off to judge our belated Carnival when I heard you guys were having a tiff? What’s the rumpus?”

Ring Girl Dean

Dean Pelton Ring Girl


What better person to accompany Jeff’s boxer costume than The Dean (who is apparently ripped as sh*t) in a ring girl costume?

Good News And Bad News Dean

Life gets a little too real for The Dean when he takes a moment to look inside himself, to find an empty man underneath a ridiculous costume. Not to mention, he had to go to the bank after this. 

Dean-a Reed

Dean Pelton Donna Reed


“Honey, I’m Dean!” The Dean’s Donna Reed-inspired costume to announce the Sadie Hawkins dance to the study group is both visually stunning and deeply horrifying. 

Peanut Bar Dean

The Dean’s peanut bar rap is the stuff of absolute legend. Something comes over the dean when he reveals to the study group that their paychecks are delayed. This one joke was the subject of an entire episode of the Good One podcast by Vulture featuring Dan Harmon. 

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