From meta cameos to meta plot points to meta jokes, this show was all about, you know, meta. And community, we guess. So get out your checklists and see how many of these (self)references and hidden meanings you spotted throughout the show. Cool. Cool cool cool.

EASTER EGGSTRA REFERENCES & HIDDEN MEANINGS THE ROMANTIC LOOKS MONTAGE community In season 2 episode 21 (Paradigms of Human Memory) there's a montage of supposed romantic looks between the characters...that's really anything but. She chokes right before this. It's a parody and a homage to a fan- made video of Jeff and Annie using the song Gravity, the same song Harmon used for the show's own sequence. CRACKED.COM

Fan video

EASTER EGGSTRA REFERENCES & HIDDEN MEANINGS DANIELLE community HARMON All Dances At the dance during the season 1 finale, the Dean announces the nominees for the Transfer Dance Queen. One of the names is Danielle Harmon, a shout-out to the show's creator, Dan Harmon. CRACKED.COM

Video clip

EASTER EGGSTRA REFERENCES & HIDDEN MEANINGS THE COSBY community SHOWJOKE In season 2's Asian Population Studies, Jeff compliments Shirley's on-off husband Andre on his sweater, to which Andre replies: Thanks. My dad gave it to me. The actor, Malcolm-Jamal Warner, played young Theodore Huxtable, son of Cliff Huxtable in The Cosby Show. Cliff Huxtable was known for his colorful sweaters. CRACKED.COM

Video clip

EASTER EGGSTRA REFERENCES & HIDDEN MEANINGS ROBOCOP SEES community THE FUTURE In the season 2 episode, Aerodynamics of Gender, Annie, Shirley, and Britta teach Abed how to basically be a mean girl. He sees himself as a RoboCop, scanning women to detect their mean level before taking them out, verbally. Hidden in the scans are summaries of future episode plots. For instance, with Shirley CURRENT SYNOPSIS: there's a hint to the Pillows BRITTA, SHIRLEY, AND ANNIE MAKE and Blankets ABED INTO ONE episode, as well THE GIRLS. WHICH as with the Christmas BACKFIRES; the one JEFF AND TROY DISCOVER A claymation.


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