Ashes Of ‘Star Trek’ Stars Keep Going To Space (Sometimes Illegally)

Ashes Of ‘Star Trek’ Stars Keep Going To Space (Sometimes Illegally)


We just learned that the ashes of the late Nichelle Nichols, the legendary actress who played Lt. Uhura on Star Trek, will be shot into deep space, via a company that specializes in funereal spaceflights. While the cost isn’t cheap, the service will definitely be worth it if we ever get a nearby Genesis planet.

In addition to Nichols, several other Star Trek alumni have had their remains deposited in the cosmos, including the show’s creator Gene Roddenberry and Majel Barrett Roddenberry, who played Nurse Chapel, voiced the Enterprise D’s computer, and routinely sexually harrassed Captain Picard.

Also the ashes of James Doohan, AKA Scotty, were reportedly sent to outer space – but through slightly less official channels. Allegedly this all happened thanks to “private astronaut” Richard Garriott, who was scheduled to travel to the International Space Station in 2008 for a “12-day mission.” Garriott was contacted by Doohan’s son Chris, just days before his launch, and tasked with a “clandestine” mission: to smuggle Scotty’s ashes into space. 

According to Garriott, he successfully deposited some of Doohan’s ashes on the space station, along with a memorial card with a photo of the actor. Although the family found the act “touching” Garriott kept the story secret for years, out of concerns that it could “cause trouble with Russian and U.S. space agencies” since he obviously didn’t have “clearance” to fly with the remains of a deceased TV star (and World War II hero). Maybe to avoid any potential international incidents, whenever William Shatner passes (hopefully a long time from now) he should plan to just have his ashes scattered at some T.J. Hooker filming locations instead.

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