12 Game Of Thrones Facts That We Hatched Out Of The Flames

All our burning questions, answered.
12 Game Of Thrones Facts That We Hatched Out Of The Flames

The new Game of Thrones spinoff House of the Dragon debuts this weekend, and while we can’t say anything about whether it’s any good, we have been thinking about the original show, as have a lot of people. The meant looking behind the scenes at how they made it and how it evolved, learning facts about the cast, and looking at the history that influenced the plot. 

Here's a look back at the facts we learned this week. These short summaries are not meant to be appreciated by themselves—each one links to a full article we put out this past week with much more info, so click every one that interests you, or we will confiscate your dragon saddle. 

1. The actors had some major complaints about those sex scenes. 

For example, the writers would urge Jason Momoa to remove the pouch he wore, the one that prevented actual bare crotch-to-crotch contact—even though the camera would not notice the difference. 

2. Cersei’s Walk Of Shame happened for real. 

In the 15th century, a British king sent his predecessor’s mistress marching through London in her underwear as a “walk of penance.” 

3. The horse heart that Daenerys ate in season one was a prop made of gummy. 

It was still disgusting, “tasted like bleach and raw pasta,” and sent Emilia Clarke puking. 

4. The dragon’s roars came from a mix of many different sources. 

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5. Dothraki changed because of Dwight from The Office

Dwight make up his own rules of grammar, and the language's creator dubbed them canon. 

6. The show also changed because South Park made fun of it. 

The cartoon mocked the show’s scenes of plotting in the palace gardens, and so the creators decided those had to go henceforth. 

7. We remade the Red Wedding on a $20 budget.

We won't spoil the best joke for you, but it's a pun, and it's on someone's arm

8. And we ranked the sword Ice on our list of legendary weapons. 

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9. The Hound’s actor came back from the dead. 

Rory McCann fell off a mountain and cracked his head open then recovered—and was immediately, coincidentally, offered the role of someone who’d got injured climbing. 

10. The books featured a character using warging to have sex with a wolf. 

It was kind of tasteful that he transformed to a wolf himself first before going through with the act

11. More than a decade after the release of A Dance with Dragons, we still have no sign of another book in the series. 

In fact, George R.R. Martin has now said he has officially stopped even predicting when he’ll finish up. 

12. No, the finale didn't kill Game of Thrones interest. 

The show stays popular on streaming and is also currently the most pirated TV show in the world

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