The Best and Worst of 16 'Legendary Weapons' in Pop Culture

The Best and Worst of 16 'Legendary Weapons' in Pop Culture

One of the biggest tropes in fiction, whether it is in sci-fi, fantasy, sci-fi fantasy is the legendary weapon. Its role in whatever story is malleable, but it’s always there. Sometimes it’s the MacGuffin that helps drive the tale or the reward at the end of the story. Occasionally, it’s the one thing that could defeat the otherwise unbeatable villain. Most of the time, it’s just a badass prop for the hero or villain to wield in a fight scene.

However, not all legendary weapons are created equal. Some of them are so incredible that nerds flock to the Internet or conventions to purchase realistic replicas to put on their wall or mantle. But even the best weapons have some stupid flaws.

Epic or flopped, here are some of the pros and cons of pop culture’s most legendary and lauded weapons ever shown in TV, films, comic books, video games, or novels.

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