Game of Thrones (On a $20 Budget)

The Iron Bank always gets its due.
Game of Thrones (On a $20 Budget)

What if "Game of Thrones" only had a $20 budget when filming the Red Wedding? Why does our version look better than House of the Dragon?

Director & Editor - Chandler Perry 
Director of Photography - Manoa Raine 
Audio / Assistant Camera - Kai Siko & DuPont Octavius 
Production Assistant - Amy Taliafero 

CAST: Dillon Stewart as Catelyn Stark 
Dave Coyne as Walder Frey / Filch 
Johnny Turner as Roose Bolton 
Karla Espino as Talisa Stark
 Brendan Gaffey as Robb Stark / Wedding Guest 
Matt Merline as Frey Musician & Wedding Guest 
Jack Merline as Frey Musician & Wedding Guest 
Hannah Abeel Frey Musician & Wedding Guest 
Keilah Harris as Frey Wedding Guest 
Patrick Koocheradis as Frey Wedding Guest 
Mary Barkout as Frey Wedding Guest 
Kayla Lanza as Stark Wedding Guest 
Amy Taliafero as Frey Wedding Guest 
Chris Hallowes as Stark Wedding Guest 
Courtney Coffey as Stark Wedding Guest

Watch more of Chandler's incredible work here.

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