Just when you thought it was safe to break up with your significant other that’s letting you borrow their HBO Max login, a new prequel series from the world of Game of Thrones is coming out titled House of the Dragon. While the original series asks the question, “In the end, who sits on the Iron Throne?,” this series asks the question, “In the end, which Targaryen sits on the Iron Throne?” Completely unique stakes.

All snark aside, Game of Thrones had a lot more good than bad, even if the final season of the show left a bad taste in most of our mouths. While we are still waiting for the true ending of A Song of Ice and Fire (if it ever comes), we can still think about the good stuff. And that good stuff wasn’t easy to make behind the scenes.

Here are some facts about Game of Thrones that’ll remind you about how much work went into the show and to help prepare you for the (hopefully good) prequel series.

Stark Children

CRACKED.COM GAME OF THRONES THE STARK KIDS ARE MUCH YOUNGER IN THE BOOKS. In A Song of Ice and Fire the Stark children are literally children. If the show was book-accurate, Jon Snow would've been played by a 14-year-old.


Ian Whyte

GAME OF THRONES IAN WHYTE PLAYED FIVE DIFFERENT CHARACTERS. The 7'1 Welsh actor is credited as a White Walker, Gregor Clegane (before the character was recast), Dongo the Giant, Wun Wun, and a Giant Wight. CRACKED.COM


Gillian Anderson

CRACKED.COM GAME OF THRONES GILLIAN ANDERSON TURNED DOWN A ROLE. While it's not specified which role it was, Anderson did say she declined the offer because of her young children. I can't justify spending that kind of time away from home, unless I'm working with Scorsese.


Arya Stark

CRACKED.COM GAME OF THRONES OVER 300 GIRLS AUDITIONED FOR ARYA. According to show co-creator David Benioff, casting Arya Stark was incredibly difficult, but as soon as he saw a thumbnail of Maisie Williams' audition video, he knew he finally found the right person.

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