That Time An Artist Filled A Game With Secret Penises

Is there such a thing as too much dicking around? Yes, yes there is.
That Time An Artist Filled A Game With Secret Penises

We previously talked about how the artists behind Battalion 1944 took the time to engrave a little penis on the skin of a weapon to honor a player who'd threatened to murder the game's developers because they were taking too long to come up with said skin. This could come as a big surprise, but it turns out that's not the only time artists have sneaked penile art into a game.

Bulkhead Interactive

Back in 2015, State Of Decay's designer Geoffrey Card gave an interview in which he revealed that mysterious contractors working on the game sneaked what he describes as an absurd amount of phallic imagery.

Undead Labs

No, we don't get to see the T-Rex's penis.

State Of Decay was made by Undead Labs, a then small company that had to employ a bunch of hired guns to bring the game to the scope the company wanted. We don't know whether these hired guns did it because they were unhappy with their working conditions or because they were actually too happy with them, but they began drawing low poly penises and inserting them in all of the game's backgrounds. No player ended up finding them because they were very low-res – hell, they slipped right past even the game's testers.

Know Your Meme

Pictured: No member of the development or testing teams.

The penile art invasion was only made apparent when the developers updated the visuals and all the low-res penises started to stick out like a sore pe thumb, which is at least proof that the game improved a lot on the visual front since release. The joke's on you, penis smugglin' saboteurs.

Top Image: Undead Labs

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