Hackers Uncovered Elden Ring's Nastiest Easter Egg: The Dung Eater

There's no unlearning this one.
Hackers Uncovered Elden Ring's Nastiest Easter Egg: The Dung Eater

We've previously covered how one of the most hideous monsters wandering Elden Ring's lands between is even worse than players realize because on top of looking ugly it's also composed of stitched-together children. Any readers wondering whether this one will be a walk in the park should consider themselves warned. The world of Elden Ring is full of dark mysteries, but none as gruesome as whatever's the deal with the Dung Eater. Yes, that's the name of a mysterious character who exists solely to murder people and defile their corpses. He looks nice:

The Dung Eater's Natural Habitat

From Software

That's not how you praise the sun, man.

One of the big mysteries surrounding the Dung Eater was his identity. We're keen on finding out what's underneath the helmets of famous video game characters because they tend to hide Internet gold. Hackers have thus dug into the game and discovered what the Dung Eater looks like.

The Dung Eater's face

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Maybe he just needs to do something about his facial hair!

But let's not judge a book by what's underneath its cover because the Dung Eater's face is the best thing about him. Fans have delved further into the game to find out what he means by defiling corpses, and they failed, so they looked into another game and came back with shocking answers. 

In the world of Elden Ring, getting death's sweet release is completely out of the table. Whenever a body gets damaged to the point of no longer being capable of carrying its soul, the soul leaves it and instead of finding rest, it will enter a big ass tree and get resurrected somewhere else. The Dung Eater has found a way to prevent this from happening, but his alternative is an even worse kind of eternal torment. By looking into Sekiro, another game by Hidetaka Miyazaki, we find out that the defiling process involves removing someone's soul through their butt,

The headless monster removes Sekiro's soul through his butt (just like the dug eater would)

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and that's terrible. Game Over (for people who don't want to see how much worse it actually gets).

Oh well, no one can accuse us of not trying to save our readers from mind-defilement. Well, the thing somehow gets worse because the defiler's master plan culminates in putting one's soul up his own butt.

The headless monster sticks Sekiro's soul up his own butt

From Software

pictured: Miyazaki showing that to earn the title of master troll one must troll players and animators alike.

Though, to be fair, probably still better than spending eternity trapped inside Dark Souls 2

Top Image: FromSoftware

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