'Bayonetta 3' Will Feature Both A Sexy And A Family-Friendly Mode

We can finally present Bayonetta to our grandparents.
'Bayonetta 3' Will Feature Both A Sexy And A Family-Friendly Mode

Hell yeah, Bayonetta 3 looks great and the titular Bayonetta looks sexier than ever – or not sexy at all – depending on player preference. Japanese games tend to sexualize female characters way more than Western games nowadays, and many gamers are getting surprisingly tired of the trend. We think what's going on here is that players believe that creators should get to share their vision, yes, but they believe even harder in laughing at characters sexualized in ways so bizarre that they completely break the immersion we'd otherwise have in their stories. Examples of this trend are dime a dozen, but we don't believe Bayonetta would be in much trouble because it's both a great series and a surprisingly tactful one even with all hijinx considered. Further proof of that is how the third game in the series will feature both a sexy mode (called just New Game, we assume) and something called the "naive angel mode", a toggles clothes and allows fans to finally present Bayonetta to their grandparents.

Bayonetta's regular transformation vs her new SFW transformation

Platinum Games, Nintendo

The idea that you'll one day get to marry Bayonetta will no longer be the only naive thing in this story.

Maybe Platinum games, the devs behind Bayonetta as well as many other legendarily weird titles, did this due to pressure from Nintendo, due to learning that this is the best way to ship a game for the Switch, or even if just for a laugh. Still, we know it's a move that will make the game accessible to a bigger audience of smaller players.

And it's not just for people who want to see less of Bayonetta. The Naive Angel Mode mode also does away with sexy human-insect hybrids.

Sexy insect lady vs SFW insect lady

Platinum Games, Nintendo

Thanks but Granny still isn't ready for this one.

Top Image: Platinum Games, Nintendo

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