Wholesome Easter Eggs in 'Magic: The Gathering' Art

You'll feel good for 30 minutes after you read this or my name isn't Squee the Immortal.
Wholesome Easter Eggs in 'Magic: The Gathering' Art

Last week I wrote about raunchy Easter eggs in Magic: The Gathering, and was immediately put on a watchlist of horny nerds. Now I’ve been court ordered to balance the scales and show you some of the most wholesome Easter eggs in the world’s most complex card game.

Flame Wave


Hang 10? How about hang 4 damage to the face.

This card holds a hidden wholesome image about someone just enjoying their hobby. If you look close you’ll see a legion of soldiers about to be crushed by molten rock, look closer and you’ll see the ghostly skull etched in living magmatic rock, and one last look, almost audibly saying shaka brah, you’ll see a badass surfer having the ride of their life. 

Presence of the Master



He was a genius and a jokester.

Hey look, it's Einstein! And our solar system! It's a wholesome nod to one of our greatest scientists. For decades it’s been almost unthinkable to imagine a character (or actual math hero) being on the art of a proper magic card. Some fans decried Wizards of the Coast's decision to bring outside IP and real-world cultural icons to their cards when they announced crossovers with properties like The Walking Dead and Lord of the Rings. But Presence of the Master is a noble reminder that the tradition has been around since the game’s early days. Granted, Einstein was a real person who changed our fundamental understanding of reality and Gandalf is a wizard who loves fireworks, but I’m still excited for the LotR drop. You can't deny Einstein is more inspiring than a win after your opponent cast a turn one Soul Ring. 



This is a very, very subtle hidden image. So subtle that there’s not much evidence for anyone being aware of it until the artist, Cyril Van Der Hagen, told a player about it at a prerelease. With the art on a MTG card being just 2.3 x 1.8” small, it’s not surprising that no one clocked the very tiny Pac-Man and Ghost silhouette hidden in the art.


It's tiny but it's there.

Charmed Stray

Artist Chris Rahn immortalized his beloved cat Willow after losing her a year prior. His boss at Wizards of the Coast reached out to him specifically to ask if he would put her on a card for the War of the Spark set. They must have known that Rahn had lost his best friend of 17 years and the result is some gorgeous art that is as heartwarming as it is beautiful. Rest in peace kitty. 

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