Guy Disappears After His Job Accidentally Pays Him 300 Months' Salary

Is it still bank fraud if the bank was the one who did it?
Guy Disappears After His Job Accidentally Pays Him 300 Months' Salary

There are certain things in life that you see that produce a deep feeling of longing. Things that inspire a mixture of jealousy and awe. An eagle, soaring high above the sky. A dolphin, leaping and twirling from the surface of the sea. A Chilean man being accidentally paid over 300 times his monthly salary and disappearing forever. All of them, a level of freedom most of us will never feel.

That third one is precisely what happened this week. A man who worked at a cold meats factory in Chile checked his bank account to find that instead of his weekly salary of 500,000 Chilean pesos, which works out to about 545 American dollars, he had been paid 165,398,981 Chilean pesos, which works out to about $180,418. The math whizzes among you may have immediately spotted that one of those numbers is much larger than the other.

Now, at first, this worker took a moral stand and reported the overpayment to his company, who thanked him for his upstanding decision, and asked him to return the money. He told them he would do so the following day at the bank. Immediately after saying this, he asked himself, “Wait, what the f**k am I doing,” withdrew all of the money from the bank, and disappeared.

Hell yes. Fly free, you beautiful bird. Ride the winds of a bank error to a better place.

I mean, this is an absolute dream scenario. All of us toiling away to keep the gears of capitalism stuttering forward are mopping sweat from our brow, hoping for a clerical error like this to give us a new life. I think of a bank accidentally typing too many zeroes on a check with the tone of a hobo gripping his tattered hat and describing the steak dinner he’ll have when he hits it big.

The man has not yet been located, and I hope he never is. Good luck, cold meats factory. That’s enough money for a new life AND a new face. I pray that wherever he is, he just let out an extremely satisfying “ahh” after sipping an ice cold drink.

Top Image: Pixabay/Pixabay

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