A 'Digimon' Game Has The Darkest Sidequest Of All Time

A 'Digimon' Game Has The Darkest Sidequest Of All Time

We know that devs love to hide the most pernicious stuff imaginable in kids' games, and we also know that Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth wasn't made for childish 10-year-olds. The devs made it for mature 13-year-olds, sure, but we're just gonna go with the account of basically every adult who has played this game and has gone on to fill hundreds of Internet forum pages with complaints of how not ready for this they were.

we meet guy trapped in Eden


This dude is like the fourth creepiest thing here.

What should have earned this game a Mature rating is a quest called “living Doll, Dead Person”. We play as detectives and we're looking for some creep who uses the likeness of attractive women to make sex realistic dolls out of them. This man supposedly sells these dolls for a high price and that's pretty weird already, but once again that's not even the biggest problem here. The problem is how these “dolls” are traps that this creep uses to lure men into “Eden”, an anime Matrix-esque simulation that tricks people into believing they're living in the real world. Why does he do this? Well, because he's working with a Digimon who steals the bodies of Eden's users to take their organs.  

We meet a Digimon working with the creepy guy


And because there's no stopping this train that's going straight to digi-hell, we do end up solving the case, but that doesn't involve saving any of the people who've been emptied out of organs. Hell, we don't even get to save this guy who we find trapped in “Eden”. We get to him that everything is fine and that all he has to do now is log out, but as soon as we leave him, he gets a message that he no longer has a body to go back to.

The quest has the bleakest ending imaginable


Yeah, we guess it's time to go back to Pokémon for us.

Top Image: Bandai

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