Patton Oswalt is one of those comedians who pops up in the most unlikely places sometimes. Sporting 230 acting credits on his IMDB page, Oswalt has been appearing in random comedies since the mid 90's. Let’s take a walk down memory lane and see how many of our favorite movies, tv shows and even video games Patton has landed in. 

Seinfeld: Video Store Clerk

Patton Oswalt Seinfeld


Oswalt must have jumped with joy when he heard he booked the role of video store clerk on Seinfeld. Oswalt gives George the info for who last rented Breakfast At Tiffany’s, resulting in a full display of George’s lack of social boundaries. 

The Weird Al Show: Seymore

Patton Oswalt Weird Al Show


Patton and Weird Al have a great friendship, he’s done a few projects with Al, but the earliest must be his brief appearance on The Weird Al Show. Oswalt plays a secret club member named Seymore. Nothing better than some young Patton.

Reno 911!: Jillet-Ben Coe

Patton Oswalt reno 911

Comedy Central

Patton was all over RENO 911! Usually playing a nerdy DnD player or Ren Fair attendee. My favorite role, however, has got to be Jillet-Ben Coe, who confesses to a murder he committed in Thailand.

Portlandia: Thor83

Patton Oswalt Portlandia Thor83


Patton plays Thor83 in this quick guest spot on Portlandia. He is the self proclaimed inventor of the world of funny Evite replies.

Dead Rising 2: Randy Tugman

Patton Oswalt Dead Rising 2


This was a massive shock for me. If you’ve ever played the Dead Rising series of games, one of the most memorable psychopaths from the whole series is the crazed chainsaw wielding pig man, Randy Tugman. Patton detours away from his usually lighthearted voice over work to portray this terrifying bloodthirsty maniac.

Balls of Fury: The Hammer

Patton Oswalt Balls of Fury

Spyglass Entertainment

Patton had a lot of experience working with Thomas Lennon and Robert Ben Garant on RENO 911! So it’s a no-brainer that he would show up in their 2007 comedy Balls Of Fury. Oswalt dons the role of a nerdy ping pong champ named “The Hammer” and it fits him like a bloody glove.

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Top Image: Spyglass Entertainment

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