Nicolas Cage Was Once Bailed Out Of Jail By Dog The Bounty Hunter

It was inevitable their paths would cross.
Nicolas Cage Was Once Bailed Out Of Jail By Dog The Bounty Hunter

In April 2011—that's 11 years ago this week—Nicolas Cage was in New Orleans with his wife, Alice. As we mentioned the other day, his marriage to Alice Kim was the longest and yet perhaps least eventful of Cage's five marriages, but it did result in him going to jail. 

That April night, Nic and Alice were in the French Quarter, and Nic became convinced that the house they were standing outside was the one they were currently renting. The police report does not state, but does imply, that he was mistaken in this assumption. Cage was very drunk at the time. 

Police said he pulled Alice toward the property, and though they eventually booked him on domestic violence charges for this, let's quickly say right here that he didn't injure her, she objected to his arrest, and other witnesses say the two never made physical contact at all. Cage then started angrily banging on some trash cans, as you do, and then got into a taxi.

It was at this point that police approached him, asking him to get out of the vehicle. We're not totally sure what their goal was, because when it's 11:30 in New Orleans and a drunk guy gets into a taxi, that's usually a sign that the altercation's over and ended without incident. "Why don't you just arrest me?" Cage reportedly said, and so police took him in for domestic violence and disturbing the peace.

He did not spend long in jail. The court would dismiss his case the following week, and by the next morning itself, he'd been bailed out by one Duane Chapman, whom you might know better as Dog the Bounty Hunter. Dog was a Nicolas Cage fan, and he also happened to be a bail bondsman, so he put up the 11 grand. Yes, someone can be both a bounty hunter and a bail bondsman, responsible for tossing people into jail and also getting them out, because when you play both sides, you're guaranteed to win. 

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