The $100,000 Nicolas Cage Treasure Lost At Sea

The $100,000 Nicolas Cage Treasure Lost At Sea

Nic Cage's life has so many crazy moments that they overshadow what's usually the biggest part of celeb culture: romance. Somehow, social media didn't go nuts last year, when Cage got married to his girlfriend Riko Shibata. They wed in Vegas, and it doesn't seem to be one of those crazy Vegas weddings that get annulled days later. They're still together and are expecting a child.

That annulment jab from the last paragraph wasn't referencing any of Cage's multiple Vegas movies, or the disastrous marriages of any other celebs. We were just referencing Cage's own 2019 Vegas wedding to his girlfriend of one year, Erika Koike. Four days after the wedding, the couple had split, and Cage filed for an annulment. 

Those were just two of the man's marriages. He also married Patricia Arquette for six years, and his longest marriage, to Alice Kim, produced the son he named Kal-El. But the story we want to mention today happened a little before another wedding, his one to Lisa Marie Presley. 

Oh yeah—in case you didn't know, Cage and Lisa Marie Presley got married in August 2002. It was his second marriage and her third (second was Michael Jackson), and they sadly chose not to get married in Vegas by an Elvis impersonator. Before the wedding, they vacationed off the California coast on Cage's yacht, and Nic drank too much. Lisa Marie got angry and threw her engagement ring from him into the ocean.

Later asked by reporters to confirm whether she really had thrown a $65,000 ring into the sea, Lisa Marie said that the ring actually cost more than $65,000

She abandoned Nic that day, taking off by helicopter, and it fell on him to hire divers to try to retrieve the discarded treasure. The divers had no luck. The sea bed around there is just 3,000 feet, so we invite you to launch a salvage expedition of your own. Possibly, the ring was dense enough to resist ocean currents and remains on the ocean floor near Catalina Island even today.

Nic and Lisa Marie did reconcile after that fight and had a successful marriage that lasted over 100 days. Cage filed for divorce before Thanksgiving.

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