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Is Melissa Villasenor Done With SNL?

For the second time in as many years, Villasenor has taken to social media to express her frustration with Saturday Night Live. Last weekend, a fan tweeted their displeasure with the way SNL treats Melissa, who responded with a co-sign:

Not a big deal as a stand-alone remark.  But a year ago, Villasenor made this Instagram post (that she almost instantly deleted):

Your move, SNL Human Resources.

Avoid Going Back to the Office By Listening to The Office

The Calm mindfulness app has introduced a new soundscape that replicates the relaxing, peaceful sounds of working in a Scranton paper office. 

Whirring copiers, screeching fax machines, and the click-click-clicking of sales being double-entered into the Dunder-Mifflin website bring you the zen calm you need to avoid returning to your real-life office, where someone pays you to hear that noise rather than the other way around.

Rest in peace, Estelle Costanza


Jason Alexander expressed his condolences to Estelle Harris’s family.  

“I adore you, Estelle. Love to your family. Serenity now and always.”

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