Bruce Willis Should Be The Final Nail In The Razzies' Coffin

Bruce Willis Should Be The Final Nail In The Razzies' Coffin

Well, we never thought we’d see the day: The day the Golden Raspberry Awards finally did the right thing and reversed Shelley Duvall’s Worst Actress Razzie nomination for her role in The Shining. Yes, even though people have been pushing for years to get that stinker of a nomination off her resume now that everyone knows what director Stanley Kubrick did to her on that set, they finally took it back.

And to think, all it took was for Bruce Willis to get a horrible brain condition that made it difficult for him to act in his last string of films which led to the entire world dunking on him because they didn’t know he was sick — only to feel so guilty afterward that even the Razzies decided to rescind their stupid award. 

An award that came from an entire category created specifically to mock Willis and these 2021 movies.

See, they couldn’t very well rescind Willis’ award without taking back Duvall’s nomination now, could they? That would just have looked real terrible, you guys — especially since they were asked about it (yet again) only a month ago, and did nothing. Instead they just kept repeating over and over how they “don’t pick on anyone.” 

Even though they totally pick on everyone.

May the 2022 Razzies be the last ever Razzie Awards. May this negative platform — where anyone can join by forking out $40 — cease to exist. May the Worst Awards trolls who vote by basically jumping on the bandwagon of what people are already hating on at the time apply their pointy criticisms to themselves, and finally learn when it’s time to quit. They couldn’t make the joke work back in Shelley Duvall’s day, and they sure didn’t make it work this time around. 

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Top Image: Gage Skidmore/Wikimedia Commons

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