Failed 'Fast And Furious' Game Is Getting Pulled From Stores

Don't jump to conclusions 2 fast, this is Ridiculous.
Failed 'Fast And Furious' Game Is Getting Pulled From Stores

The Fast and Furious series sure is Fast as well as Furious (or at least that's what the people whose brains survived seeing all of it say), but there's something even faster and more furious-er, and that's the way in which Bandai Namco is killing Fast And Furious Crossroads, the official F&F video game. The Japanese publisher just announced that they'll be removing the game from all storefronts come April 29, a mere two years after the game came out. This is weird and even sad (yes, we've said it) for many reasons. First off, games don't usually get pulled from stores unless they're so buggy they're mostly unplayable, and even then that's not the fate of all broken games. The game isn't good, sure, but after merely looking at it, we can't accuse it of ever trying to fool us into believing it was.

Vin Diesel's Uncanny Valley model

Bandai Namco

Does this model look bad, or are we meant to be playing Vin Diesel's double?

Video game tie-ins are meant to be a quick cash grab, and Crossroads isn't terrible by tie-in standards, so it doesn't really deserve to get nuked from orbit for that alone, not to mention that there's no way that the costs of keeping the game in stores will be higher than the revenue from a video game adaptation of the biggest non-Marvel property in the world. That's a pretty huge hit for Vin Diesel not because of what we assume is his giant ego, but because this man used to slap when it comes to video games. Yeah, on top of him being a gamer, we shouldn't forget how he founded Tigon Studios, an actual video game company specialized in video game tie-ins that didn't suck. From this company we got The Chronicles of Riddick: Escape From Butcher Bay, a tie-in that's not just incomparably superior to the film whose shadow it was meant to inhabit, it was also a contender for game of the year.

Great shooting mechanics, great stealth, hell, even though it was later remastered, the game's looks from '04 remain strong to this day.

Butcher Bay's great visuals

Activision Blizzard

Laugh as much as you want, you know it's true.

And even Vin Diesel himself looked great

Butcher Bay's awesome Riddick model

Activision Blizzard

Or at least better than he does in Crossroads

Top Image: Bandai Namco

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