'Elden Ring''s PVP Is Ridiculously Broken

Give running the hell away a chance
'Elden Ring''s PVP Is Ridiculously Broken

On the surface, Elden Ring PVP seems great, and it is – so long as we're lucky enough not to cross paths with the kind of hacker who'll murder us and then get us banned as if we were the ones doing the hacking. The online competitive side of Elden Ring provides a fun and memorable experience for most players, but that pretty much goes off the rails when you find out about this messed-up dark art called “The Internet”. That's a sort of not-so-elder scroll from which players will learn all sorts of game and player-breaking strategies. For one who knows more than they should, the PVP on Elden Ring becomes a sandbox of god-level nastiness. Up until right this very day, asshole players have been using an exploit that killed other players and then forced them on a death loop that would require players to fix their save file, so no, nothing like the highly acclaimed Deathloop video game from last year (unless your Deathloop saves get corrupted).

Though nasty, the result is an honestly hilarious summation of the Dark Souls experience for most people.

We no longer have to worry about that, but there's always more. Right now, when we venture into a PVP fight in this world, we do so expecting enemies with either cool-looking or stupid-looking weapons, but weapons nonetheless.

The easter egg sword that references Game Of Thrones

Bandai Namco, From Software

So weird to see a sword made out of thrones.

Forget about that, as the big leagues in the Lands Between right now are all about trampling opponents by rolling on their faces until they die.

And remember that while merely rolling to win all of your battles is pretty overpowered and unfair, it's still a step up from the death flare times era (which ended just last week). Back in those distant times, players just needed to exist in the vicinity of their enemies to automatically have them explode.

While the devs have so far managed to patch out the nastiest exploits, it's only a matter of time until exploiters find a way to make use of the game's most deadly power: whatever the hell this thing is.

Inexperienced players remember: No self-defense technique beats just flying the hell away.

Top Image: Bandai Namco, Xam3lpt


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