Behold, The 'Alien' Movies' Creepy Boneless Sigourney Weaver Puppet

How is this scarier than the Xenomorph?
Behold, The 'Alien' Movies' Creepy Boneless Sigourney Weaver Puppet

The Alien series was inarguably full of impressive practical effects work, not least of which being the iconic Xenomorph, made with love, hard work, and … also condoms and a human skull, because it was the ‘70s and no one was really checking up on that stuff. One other Alien prop that has been circulating the internet lately is a full-scale dummy version of Sigourney Weaver which looks incredibly lifelike … until you smoosh the face, at which point it becomes horrifyingly apparent that this thing has all the rigidity of the Swedish Chef. With just one squeeze it literally goes from looking just like Weaver to resembling a political cartoon of Mitch McConnell.

Seemingly, the mannequin that’s soon to star in all of your nightmares was used for a scene in Alien 3, in which Ripley is discovered on a beach and hauled away to safety/imminent, alien-filled danger.

The behind-the-scenes footage being shared online isn’t actually from the making of the video itself, but rather from a nine-year-old YouTube video posted by a special effects company that worked on the film, studioADI. Apparently, they just found the boneless, lifelike Ripley doll stashed away in storage. Which was, presumably, a pretty terrifying discovery to make.

Adding another wrinkle to the story, an eight-year-old comment on the video from studioADI itself claims that a “collector wanted to buy” the prop, but they couldn’t sell it to them because it “mysteriously disappeared.” Which is a tad unnerving. Hopefully, someone will get to the bottom of it with a nine-part podcast series devoted to investigating the mystery of the vanishing Sigourney Weaver dummy. 

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Top Image: 20th Century Studios/YouTube

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