8 Pieces Of Comedically Awful Video Game Art

Welcome to the trashcanny valley.
8 Pieces Of Comedically Awful Video Game Art

With digital taking over as the way to acquire games, future generations risk never finding out that video game box art used to be a thing. That's a shame because box art was really damn good sometimes, and some other times so bad it was just as worthy of notice. Best of all, your game didn't have to be AAA, or good, even, to have video game box art that would make up the lack of quality via bad art-induced fits of laughter.

Cheggers Party Quiz cover

Oxygen Games

And now you're probably thinking something along the lines of “What the hell is this egg-headed bulls**t? The devs who made this game must be so dissatisfied right now by the piss poor job that this cover does of promoting this game", but the actual thing looks even more despicable.

Cheggers Party Quiz Gameplay

Oxygen Games

Bad box art people, you win this one.

Okay, let's try again. Up next is... Chickie Egg II

Chuckie Egg 2 cover

A&F Software

Somehow even more Humpty Dumpty-esque. Oh my god.

All right, let's give small old-timey titles one more chance with Palamedes …

Palamedes cover

Hot B

Okay, there are only so many Alien-headed monstrosities we can handle.

Up next we're looking at ICO, a game whose devs seemingly decided that they'd make an ugly cover, but only for the American version!

Left ICO NTSC cover, Right ICO PAL cover


That render somehow looks worse than the actual in-game model.

And that's not even the worst US audiences ever got in terms of inferior box art.

Above: Phalanx NTSC cover, Below Phalanx PAL cover


Yes, both are covers of the same game, and no, it's not a banjo simulator.

Let's look at the bright side, though. At least we don't have to look at the Japanese cover for Uncharted 2.

Left: Uncharted 2 American Box art, Right Uncharted 2 Japanese box art

But do you know what's even better than bad video game box art? Bad video game art that's not confined to a harmlessly small rectangle. I present to you the “classic” Street Fighter 2 pinball art:

Super Street Fighter 2 Pinball machine

Capcom, Justin Silverman

Come on now, don't be afraid to get a little closer. Check out these details!

Blanka on pinball machine

Capcom, Justin Silverman

Blanka looks absolutely bananas, but throw the first stone he who'd be able to pull off a different facial expression when looking at this Ken

Ken on Pinball Machine

Capcom, Justin Silverman

Everything is just like in the game. The head that makes it look like somebody activated tiny head mode, the mop hair, the impossible face shadows as well as Ken's iconic 4-fingered right hand.

Chun-Li on pinball machine

Capcom, Justin Silverman

You know what, underbite egg-headed Chun-Li looks pretty good in comparison. Kids these days don't know what the hell they're missing.

Top Image: Capcom, Justin Silverman

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