Learning The Guitar Will Make You Less Lame

Learning The Guitar Will Make You Less Lame

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When you reach a certain age, you start regretting everything -- your romantic choices, your financial mistakes, and most importantly, the time you didn't use to learn to do anything cool. You look around and see people with actual skills and talents, many of them way younger than you, and then you look in the mirror and just see a loser with little to show for their life other than a life-size sculpture of Tony the Tiger (see: financial mistakes).

Well, don't fret. (Pun intended.) Learning to play the guitar is a great first step on your way to becoming cooler and more interesting as long as you don't just call it a day after memorizing "Wonderwall." In The Ultimate Beginner to Expert Guitar Lessons Bundle, you'll learn the guitar online on your own time. The nine-course bundle is taught by Dan Dresnok, a guitar teacher with almost 30 years of experience who has played as a session guitarist for a number of recording studios, written several guitar method books, and specializes in jazz, bluegrass, blues, rock, and music theory. Basically, he knows what he's doing.

In these courses, Dresnok will start you off with the absolute basics. You'll learn how to read tablature, find every note on the guitar, and start playing basic chords. Eventually, you'll learn how to strum and discover techniques like pull-offs and slides. As you get better, you'll learn how to read and write your own music, improvise over any song in any key, and master rhythm and strumming. You'll understand, use, and play all arpeggios before delving into specific playing styles. Dresnok will teach you how to play bluegrass, blues, jazz, and more as well as ear technique for playing with groups and being less of a jerk while jamming.

Start playing the guitar and be an iota more interesting. During our New Year, New You Sale, you can get The Ultimate Beginner to Expert Guitar Lessons Bundle for just $20 -- no coupon needed.

Prices are subject to change.

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