How 'Halo Infinite' Fans Brought Couch Co-Op Back

'Halo's Split-screen has always been put to great use by the series' usual couch co-op campaign, but it's been missing in recent games.
How 'Halo Infinite' Fans Brought Couch Co-Op Back

The Halo series is known for offering the first genuinely competitive online FPS experience for consoles. Still, Halo: Combat Evolved, the first and very humbly titled game in the series, didn't even have online functionalities as Xbox Live hadn't taken off yet. If you wanted to play Halo with others, you'd first have to look for friends who'd want to be killed via split-screen or just abduct random people for that purpose. 

Halo's Split-screen has always been put to great use by the series' usual couch co-op campaign, one that players have always loved, and one that was sadly gone in Halo 5 and not available by the launch of Halo Infinite. While developers 343 Industries confirmed they'd release the co-op campaign in six months, players have hacked the game and successfully unlocked hidden co-op functionalities.

What the hell were the devs thinking? They thought they could stop the power of friendship in a game where even sworn enemies take breaks from combat to trade weapons? The glitch is simple to perform, really. All players have to do is switch the game to offline mode, attach a second controller, assign a profile and have the first player start the game. As soon as he hits start, the second player will have to do the same. And well, that's pretty much it, not even worthy of putting your hacking gloves on.

There are only two caveats. First off, well, players are Doctor Strange-ing the fabric of reality in the game, which is great for Spider-Man films, but sure to create a few glitches when it comes to video games. Secondly, players will likely have to sacrifice their campaign progress up to that point. Pretty easy choice, in our opinion, as the help is sure to speed up the progress in the new campaign and these games are much better when played together.

And in case you're left still somewhat saddened for all the lost progress, maybe try finding some solace in the new glitch that allows you and your buddies to shrink vehicles down to the size of a go-kart.

Top Image: Microsoft Studios


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