Please, People, Stop Barking At Your Dogs

A new TikTok trend, a new behavioral anomaly that has experts worried.
Please, People, Stop Barking At Your Dogs

Apparently, TikTokers — in a desperate attempt to get eyeballs on their posts — are resorting to barking like dogs in the faces of their dogs to get them to … react, or something? We don't know. We don't see our pets as circus animals being scared into doing something cute or funny, so the internet can lol or whatever.

Matthew Henry/Unsplash

Now, draping them in fabrics and pretending they're talking but in Old Posh Lady voice is totally acceptable. “Oh, Henry, be a dear and pass us a biscuit.”

Seriously though, why anyone would think it a good idea to bark in a dog's face is beyond us. But it seems that you just need to come up with a relatively easy and accessible challenge with high virality potential to get people to do the dumbest things imaginable in this digital age. Remember *unrolls a mile-long scroll with all the dumb challenges over the years*? Of course you do. You are haunted by them, just like us.

Now TikTokers have fallen for the "Bark at your Dog" trend that's been raking up millions of views and likes because people think it's…funny?


Yeah … that is objectively not funny, and that poor dog looks like it's had one too many anxiety attacks. Animal behaviorists agree and are now asking people to please just quit it. In case you really had no idea: It's bad for your dog and really does induce anxiety. 

The problem is that dogs have absolutely no idea or understanding of the human intention behind doing something like this, which will naturally make them uncomfortable. They may lick their owner's face or seem totally non-threatening, but it doesn't mean they're okay with it and — as experts have pointed out but also anyone who knows dogs should know already, anyway — dogs can change their demeanors and snap faster than you can say "Vine didn't have this problem."

Also, it's just rude. But whatever, let's get all these viral-seekers to go "Cluck at a Duck."

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Top Image: Regine Tholen


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