Walking Without The Rhythm Like In 'Dune' Is Apparently Really Hard

Walking Without The Rhythm Like In 'Dune' Is Apparently Really Hard

After several pandemic-related delays, a brouhaha over how early images from the druggy/sandy hellscape didn't look “fun” enough, and several months of us all silently noting how Timothee Chalamet resembles a pointy European shoe who wished to become a real boy, Dune  – a.k.a. Warner Bros. full-length adaptation of that one sand-worm scene from Beetlejuice which has absolutely nothing to do with a book released in the mid-1960's– has finally hit the big screen. 

Although some of the people on screen make evading a sandworm look (relatively) easy, it seems walking without any rhythm is much harder than it looks according to Rebecca Ferguson, who portrays Chalamet's on-screen mom, Lady Jessica. 

“It was so hard—I have so much rhythm, so it was so difficult,” Ferguson jokingly explained in an interview with the AV Club. Although for those of us who clap on one and three, mastering this type of movement may be a little less tricky, it seems the first step in attempting the sand walk is to accept you're going to look like a total dweeb, with Ferguson telling the outlet that she thinks she “did a good job” of not trying too hard to look cool while strutting randomly throughout the druggy desert. the second step? Remember you're in a sci-fi universe.  “The technology that you use to break the rhythm of waves so that bridges don’t fall is sending out other noise to break the rhythm," she explained. 

However, it seems the entire cast wasn't thrown into this dicey – or should I say spicy situation – only to fend for themselves. According to actress Sharon Duncan-Brewster, the star behind the gender-swapped ecologist, Dr. Liet Kyne, some of the actors were trained on how to walk –  although she was notably excluded, a fact she is definitely not even a pinch bitter about. “There was some sort of choreography going on; there are rules to how to do these … movements," she explained. “I personally didn’t have to do all that, even though my character would know how, but I definitely saw some practice going on. I won’t say who it was, but they were looking good when I saw them.”

To paraphrase that old adage, running away from sandworms is easy – walking without rhythm is hard. 

Top Image: Warner Bros. 

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