'Batwoman' Was an Injury-Filled Nightmare Behind-The-Scenes, Ruby Rose Says

In case you were wondering why Rose dropped out of the CW series after just one season ...
'Batwoman' Was an Injury-Filled Nightmare Behind-The-Scenes, Ruby Rose Says

Nearly a year and change after Ruby Rose announced she'd be leaving her titular role on the CW's Batwoman after just one season back in May 2020, the Australian actress recently opened up about her unexpected departure, taking to Instagram to explain although she may have been the hero Gotham needed, she was not the one they deserved – namely, because the team behind the show allegedly really f---ing sucked. 

“Dear CW,” Rose began her series of Instagram stories on the topic, taking care to tag Caroline Dries, Batwoman's Showrunner, as well as Greg Berlanti and Sarah Schecter of Berlanti Productions, the production company behind the series. “Enough is enough. I’m going to tell the whole world what really happened on that set,” she continued. "I will come for you so what happened to me never happens to another person again. And so I can finally take back my life and the truth. Shame on you.”

Over the next several slides, the actress made several alarming allegations surrounding her time on the show, including that she was forced to work immediately after emergency surgery, that several workers were brutally injured on set, and that one Warner Bros. exec purportedly acted inappropriately towards some women. 

Highlighted by several x-ray photos of her body, Rose says that one instance of this on-set behavior explains a common critique that she was “too stiff,” while appearing on the series – namely that she was forced to get back to work just 10 days after undergoing emergency surgery for two herniated discs, with Warner Bros. TV exec, Peter Roth, allegedly telling her that if she were to take more time, the entire production would suffer. 

“To everyone who said I was too stiff on Batwoman, imagine going back to work 10 days after this … 10 DAYS! (Or the whole crew and cast would be fired and I’d let everyone down because Peter Roth said he would recast and I just lost the studio millions (by getting injured on his set)," she wrote.

Yet it seems Rose wasn't the only member of the production who suffered an injury, a trend the actress says was due to a rushed production. According to her posts, one production assistant became paralyzed after an on-set accident. Rose also claimed that at one point, another crew member sustained third-degree burns, in which everyone on set witnessed “his skin fall off," yet instead of providing therapy after the seemingly highly traumatizing incident, they were asked to film a sex scene moments later. 

Beyond the string of injuries, a few on-set personnel also allegedly added to this alarming environment, with Rose writing that her co-star, Dougray Scott, a.k.a. the actor behind Jacob Cane who has since left the series, injured a stunt double and was generally unpleasant to work. “Dougray hurt a female stunt double he yelled like a little bitch at women and was a nightmare,” Rose explained in another slide. “He left when he wanted and arrived when he wanted he abused women and in turn as a lead of a show i sent an email out asking for a no yelling policy, they declined," she continued. 

And it wasn't just Cane – according to Rose's posts, Roth also allegedly added to the unsafe on-set environment, the actress claiming that he had women sew the crotch of his pants while wearing them before purportedly hiring a private investigator to follow her after her departure from the show.

So folks, take it from Rose – injuries on set aren't merely a thing of the past. People suck – they always have and always will. 

Top Image: The CW 

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