Mark Hamill Tweets 'Mark Hamill,' Breaks The Internet

Let's see if this works: Mark Hamill.
Mark Hamill Tweets 'Mark Hamill,' Breaks The Internet

Move over, Kim Kardashian's butt selfies – it seems yet another social media post has managed to singlehandedly break the internet, and this time, it's not a thirst trap -- well, unless, you're a really big fan of Luke Skywalker. It all started on Sunday, when Mark Hamill, the beloved Star Wars actor and master of picking up chicks at the dentist, found himself faced with a sarcastic quip poking fun at his propensity for going viral on Twitter.

@HamillHimself you could just tweet 'Mark Hamill' and you'd get thousands of likes,” mused user, @LozzaBean12, in a post that has since amassed more than 27,000 likes. 

Although the actor's previous viral posts were a bit more complex than merely his moniker, delving into behind-the-scenes Star Wars trivia …

… fact-checking rumors of his own death …

... and of course, dunking on the sci-fi franchise's infamous holiday (not-so) spectacular … 

… it seems Hamill's curiosity was piqued. As such, the star took it upon himself to bring a new meaning to “Call Me by Your Name” – this time, notably without either a bastardized peach or Lil Nas X swinging down a stripper pole into the depths of hell – putting the theory to the test and tweeting “Mark Hamill."

In true internet fashion, it seems @LozzaBean12's prediction had become a self-fulfilling prophecy. The tweet quickly went viral, garnering more than 600,000 likes in the day and change since its posting, a testament to Hamill's nearly Dolly Parton-level of sci-fi fandom belovedness and the unstoppable pettiness of the notorious bird app. 

Following the success of his experiment, it seems the Star Wars actor wasn't alone in his curiosity, with several other notable figures tweeting “Mark Hamill” in the name of science – or, well, probably internet clout, too, with everyone from George Takei … 

… to CBS News's Vladimir Duthiers … 

… and even former President Trump's niece, Mary, hopping on the trend to similar – albeit not Hamill-level – success. 

So, folks, if there's anything we can learn from this experience, it's that when in doubt, tweet your own name – especially if you happen to be Mark Hamill.

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