Boat That Blocked The Suez, Disrupted Global Trade, Gets Second Chance

Boat That Blocked The Suez, Disrupted Global Trade, Gets Second Chance

It seems the old adage of “if at first, you don't succeed in navigating a boat through the Suez canal, causing a several-day aquatic traffic backup and arguably an international incident, try, try again,” has proven itself to be true once more. Roughly five months after massive container ship, the Ever Given, infamously blocked the Suez Canal for six days in March, the vessel has been given another chance, getting a second go at crossing through the waterway, Reuters reported. 

Escorted by two tugboats and only partially filled with cargo, the boat sailed the Suez on Friday as a part of a trip from the United Kingdom to China, a seeming more successful endeavor than when the boat singlehandedly caused a global trade disruption, including forcing some very annoyed boats to re-route around Africa's southern tip. 

Yet as The Guardian noted, Ever Given's return wasn't necessarily … smooth sailing. For several months, the boat was held by Egypt's authorities due to a conflict over who, exactly owed who what. Ultimately the owner of the ship, Shoei Kisen Kaisha, and the nation's officials came to an undisclosed deal in July. "Our company … will continue to be a regular and loyal customer of the Suez canal,” Kaisha said of the agreement. 

So folks, here's to the Ever Given, proving that perseverance can get you anywhere – even the Suez Canal. 

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