Iceberg At Titanic Museum Collapses, Injuring Three

Iceberg At Titanic Museum Collapses, Injuring Three

More than a century after a rogue iceberg sent the Titanic to its undersea demise, it seems as if the scores still aren't settled when it comes to the long-running feud of man vs. glacier. Earlier this week, an iceberg wall at Pigeon Forge's Titanic Museum seemingly sought revenge on behalf of its deadly 1912 predecessor, collapsing atop of three unsuspecting guests merely attempting to learn more about in the not-so-unsinkable ship. 

“Tonight, an accident occurred at our Titanic Museum Attraction in Pigeon Forge,” wrote owners Mary Kellogg Joslyn and John Joslyn in a Facebook post. “Our iceberg wall collapsed and injured 3 guests who were taken to the hospital." 

Although the duo clarified later that they were unsure of how the impacted patrons were faring after facing off with the ice sheet, they reiterated their dedication to the wellbeing of the museum's attendees. “Needless to say, we never would have expected an incident like this to occur as the safety of our guests and crew members are always top of mind,” they continued. "We take pride in the quality of our maintenance and have measures in place to ensure that appropriate safety guidelines are upheld. At this time, our Pigeon Forge Attraction is closed. Our thoughts and prayers are with those who were injured, as well as their family and friends."

So, folks, take it from the museum-goers and the Titanic's passengers – don't f*%& with icebergs. 

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