Domino's Doesn't Appreciate Pro Wrestler Being Hacked With A Pizza Cutter During Their Ad


On today's installment of advertisements going terribly, terribly wrong, fast-food giant Domino's is evidently peeved after a commercial for their certifiably okay pizza aired at what may easily be the most inopportune moment imaginable – during a gruesome pizza cutter attack in one of All Elite Wrestling's No Rules matches. 

Yep, during Wednesday's episode of AEW: Dynamite airing on TNT, wrestler Nick Gage decided to take down the iconic Chris Jericho using an extremely unconventional and highly gruesome measure, slashing his face open with a pizza cutter, according to Insider. Yet in a moment of truly twisted serendipity, an in-broadcast advertisement began to play amid the attack, a slot peddling Domino's special for three-topping carry-out pizzas playing right next to Jericho's bleeding mug. Warning: this clip is definitely not for the faint of heart. 

Although several fans found the gruesome serendipity quite amusing, taking to social media to joke about the alarming coincidence … 

… it seems the pizza chain was evidently not too happy with the timing of their advertisement. "We share the concerns expressed about this incident and the content of this TV-14 rated program and are assessing our advertising presence on it going forward,” Domino's spokesperson Jenny Fouracre-Petko told Front Office Sports, stating that the company had no prior knowledge of the specific context in which their ad would air. 

Although Domino's is apparently upset, at this unfortunate coincidence, it is extremely unlikely that they will express their anger via pizza cutter attack. Taking the high road! 

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