Dutch Teen Who Rode on Blue Origin Flight Told Jeff Bezos He Never Ordered From Amazon


Although he may have ridden with former Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos on Blue Origin's first manned flight earlier this week, it seems 18-year-old Dutch physics student Oliver Daemen, is evidently not a regular customer of the e-commerce giant, a fact he decided to tell the Dr. Evil cosplayer directly to his face. 

"I told Jeff, like, I've actually never bought something from Amazon," The teen told Reuters during an interview at Schiphol Airport in Amsterdam on Friday. Yet instead of immediately kicking him off the flight for not bowing down to his corporate godliness, it seems Bezos was genuinely surprised by the assertion. “he was like, 'oh, wow, it's a long time ago I heard someone say that,'" Daemen continued. 

One of the three non-Bezos passengers partaking in the historic launch, Daemen, who was selected to ride after a mysterious bidder who coughed up $28 million for a seat managed to have something better to do than joy ride into space, was joined on the flight by Mark Bezos, the CEO's brother, and Wally Funk, an 82-year-old pilot who is the oldest person to visit space. 

Top Image: Shutterstock

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