The Creepy Mystery Game-- Hiding A Darker Real-Life Mystery

'Drowned God' was to serve as a starting point in a series of eerie-themed games. What happened in real life was darker.
The Creepy Mystery Game-- Hiding A Darker Real-Life Mystery

Drowned God: Conspiracy Of The Ages (16 and over) is an oldie adventure title that ran wild with the Extra-terrestrial and Illuminati conspiracy mythos long before Facebook collectively convinced your free-thinking high school acquaintances and second cousins to dedicate their lives to the cause.

Fox Mulder's girlfriend (and sister)

We're sorry to remind you that there was once a better time, one when conspiracy theories served as more than just an excuse for spreading blatant racism, sexism, and/or anti-semitism. That time was '96. 

Well, some conspiracy stuff was always just racist

Despite lukewarm reviews, Drowned God enjoyed enough success among fans of the adventure game genre to warrant a sequel. Harry Horse, the game's creator (and not a crossbreed), originally meant Drowned God to serve as a starting point in a series of eerie-themed games. 

The most normal character you'll find here.

Unfortunately, Horse's wife, Mary, was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. Due to many related and unrelated circumstances, the sequel to drowned god ended up getting scrapped.

But that's far from the worst thing that happened.

Prototype of the very first functional tinfoil hat.

In 2007, over a decade after the release of the game, Horse and Mary died in a way that both shocked and puzzled the quiet town where they lived. At first, papers stated that the couple had died as the result of a suicide pact that took place as a desperate response to the onset of Mary's late-stage multiple sclerosis. While not an entirely implausible scenario, the reality was much more macabre. So macabre, in fact, local papers later revealed that the doctor who saw the scene did not come back to work, claiming it was the worst thing he'd ever seen. 

All of the couple's pets were found brutally murdered, which just doesn't fit in the tale of a bittersweet goodbye. Moreover, Mary's body was found to have 30 stab wounds, pointing to Horse actually having murdered her before taking his own life. That's both a more brutal and sadly more common scenario, but somehow still not where things stop getting stranger. Even Horse's body had 47 stab wounds, far more than you'd think a person would be able to inflict upon themselves -- even when not stabbing their own genitals, which he reportedly also did. The close-knit community never released all details, so, despite the high likelihood of a murder-suicide, we'll never know the whole picture. 

What we do know, however, is that this is an absurdly tragic end to a family and, given the game's themes, one that's aggravatingly prone to more weird conspiracy theorization.

Top Image: Inscape

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