Australian Prime Minister Denies Pooping His Pants At McDonalds

Poop happens ... or does it?
Australian Prime Minister Denies Pooping His Pants At McDonalds

While most of us (hopefully) have not found ourselves in the calamitous situation of shitting our pants since we were in diapers, it seems Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison may not have been so lucky -- if a long-running-rumor-turned-viral-meme is to be believed. Over the past several years, the purported (or should I say poop-orted) events of September 20, 1997 have become an Australian urban legend of sorts. Beginning with a now-infamous 2018 tweet detailing the very unfortunate and very alleged events of that day, social media users and Aussie tabloids alike have claimed that after Morrison's favorite Rugby team lost the Grand Final, the future PM visited a McDonalds – or “Maccas” as they call it down under – in the Sydney suburb of Engadine and proceeded to “wantonly and violently” shit his pants, as one entertainment site put it. 

Yet after nearly two and a half decades, the installation of a commemorative plaque at the chain restaurant, and an onslaught of memes poking fun at the alleged incident, Morrison has finally set the record straight – conveniently as Australia faces a new spike of Covid-19 cases, which some have partially pinned on a sluggish vaccine rollout

“Can I clear up one thing?” the lawmaker asked during a recent stint on the popular Australian morning program, The Kyle and Jackie O Show, boldly dubbing the incident the “biggest urban myth ever" (sorry, bigfoot). 

“The Macca’s thing?” inquired Kyle. “That you pooed your pants at the Endagine McDonald’s?" added Jackie O. 

“It’s complete and utter rubbish," the PM snapped back. “I found the whole thing incredibly amusing, and we’ve always joked about it amongst our team here as we’ve driven by it, asking 'Do you want to pop in for a Big Mac?'” he continued. 

Although Morrison maintains the incident is ”absolute and total rubbish," he still evidently found the allegations of shitting his pants quite comical. “Some of the funniest yarns are the ones that aren’t true, and I think that’s one of them,” he quipped. 

After all, what can he say – shit happens!

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