Job Applicants Are Now Expected To Be Elle Woods Applying to Harvard With TikTok's New Resume Feature


Do you wish applying to jobs somehow required more work? Does tailoring your resume to include application buzzwords and writing a custom one-page (and one page only) essay describing in painstaking detail how the company you're applying to is the only workplace you could ever possibly imagine working for evoke words such as “laziness” and “apathy”? Are you an aspiring filmmaker with a penchant for brown-nosing?

You're in luck! In a move that has singlehandedly added yet another layer of difficulty to the already arduous task of finding work, it seems we aren't only expected to morph ourselves into the perfect candidate for our dream job, we must now channel Elle Wood's iconic Harvard law school video application, creating high production-value TikTok resumes.

In a move seemingly attempting to shift TikTok's image from being a breeding ground for iconic zoomer trends such as snacking on Tide pods and using formaldehyde-filled Mr. Clean Magic Erasers to whiten your teeth, to a visual equivalent of LinkedIn, the video-sharing app has launched a short-term job application tool called “TikTok Resumes.” Running through July 31, the program is not only seemingly a response to the growing trend of ambitious zoomers using a video-sharing app to help them stand out while applying for jobs and internships, but also a nod to the current labor shortage, in which employers are struggling to find workers (for reasons that may or may not include increased calls for fair wages and better conditions). 

"Interested candidates are encouraged to creatively and authentically showcase their skillsets and experiences, and use #TikTokResumes in their caption when publishing their video resume to TikTok," the app explained on the initiative's website. 


So far, several major corporations have signed on to participate, including Chipotle, Target, Contra, and Alo Yoga. 

"Given the current hiring climate ... it's essential to find new platforms to directly engage in meaningful career conversations with Gen-Z," the fast food chain's chief diversity, inclusion, and people officer, Marissa Andrada, told Business Insider in a statement on Thursday. “TikTok has been ingrained into Chipotle's DNA for some time and now we're evolving our presence to help bring in top talent to our restaurants,” she later added. 

So folks, if you're trying to keep up with the kids, make sure to get yourself camera ready, first. 

Top Image: MGM/TikTok

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